FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered.

What is a QR code?

QR codes are the square dotted symbols used by businesses to promote services. Modern phone cameras recognise them and follow the QR codes instructions., our QR Code allows the app to recognise your establishment.

Are my sales a secret/secure to me?

Founded in 1999, JSA Software Systems Ltd is a UK private company, our customers are UK leading retailers, we do not pass data onto other businesses, landlords or breweries. Your data is processed on private secure servers hosted at UKFast, Manchester and encrypted using SSL Security.

Do Menu Options change with the time of day?

Yes, to eliminate the need for staff to change table menus, the app’s menus change with the time of day and day of the week.

Breakfast wont display after 11am for example, Alcohol serving hours can be set and Sunday Lunch only shows on Sunday.

Can the App Menu deal with Allergies, intolerances etc?

Not a problem, get your chef to enter allergens per dish in the app and the customer has to agree to them before placing their order (this feature can be switched off).

We need to offer options on Food & Drink orders i.e. mixers, extra cheese etc.

You can easily add menu options, say Fevertree Tonic + £2.10 and the product is automatically re-priced.
Add extra cheese £1.50 and the product is automatically re-priced.

I need to check that people are OK to serve before I open their table

In Walk In Mode, a staff member has to authorise a table number is free before a new table code is issued to them.

How do my customers pay for their food and drinks?

We have designed Sort It to offer a number of flexible Payment Options as we have had a variety of requests from operators:

1) You can utilise your existing Card Terminals (PDQs) and take Manual PIN and/or Contactless Payments
2) Payment at Table using the App (via Stripe) allowing Customers to settle their bill with zero contact with your staff.  You can view information about setting up a Stripe Account + associated charges here.

We appreciate that all of this is slightly unknown and so can offer a combination of the above, please contact us if you would like any further information. 

Can the App deal with Service Charge and Tips?

Absolutely when your customer goes to the Payment Page they can (optionally) add a Tip (Round Up, Fixed Amount or a %) and/or a % Service Charge.

This ensures that despite going Contactless your staff can still receive tips from your customers to reward them for their hard work and customer service.