Big Age Gap Relationships

Big Age Gap Relationships

Big age gap relationships age-gap relationships are becoming increasingly common as postwar generations act and dress younger than their parents. 40 or 50-somethings today are vastly different from those of bygone generations. They have more energy and a youthful outlook on life. Women dress in younger fashions well into their 50s and 60s, and both sexes tend to take better care of themselves. This means that people don’t need to look their age anymore. A woman of 60 can look decades younger if she takes care of herself. So can a big age gap work in romantic relationships?

Big Age Gap Relationships

Women often date men older than themselves as those in their age group can often be immature. Consequently, a 25-year-old woman may pair up with a 40-something and discover that they have lots in common. There are downsides though. For more informative blogs visit sort it 

Even if you share the same tastes in music and enjoy similar activities, a 20-year gap can cause many problems as you both get older. Your partner may be full of energy and life in his late 40s and 50s, but what about when he is 70 plus, and you are still an active 50-something? You may end up as his carer and find that your life is severely restricted.

Retirement Age May Also Be an Issue

Big age gap relationships if you are the older partner things may be fine while you are 45 and he or she is 25, however, when you reach 65 and retirement is near, your younger partner may be aiming for promotion at work and putting in long hours. Would you be okay with that? It could mean that you are spending a lot more time on your own. You could take advantage of this situation though and take up a new interest or even enroll in a college course. You would have lots to talk about with your partner at the end of the day.

You Men With Older Women

Sometimes men date much older women as they may like to feel mothered, or they just feel more comfortable around older women. Women today are far more independent and unlike their parents and grandparents generation doesn’t rely on a man for financial security. A woman in her 40s and 50s may seem very attractive to a younger 20- or 30-something man. She has life experience, is financially independent, and has the looks of a much younger woman. Of course, I’m generalizing a bit here, but there are lots of single attractive women in their 40s and 50s.

Do You Want Children?

If you already have teenage children you may not want to have any more kids. Someone in their early to mid-20s may have plans that include starting a family and at some point, this issue will come up. Big age gap relationships would they be happy just to be a step-parent to your own kids? Not everyone wants children so this may not be a problem. If you are serious about making your age gap relationship work you will need to discuss this in depth before making any commitment. Lack of communication can cause problems in your relationship.

Your Memories

Big age gap relationships your childhood memories will be vastly different as you both grew up in different eras. While you may have played board games and chatted to your friends on a house phone situated within earshot of your parents, your younger partner may remember playing video games and watching Power Rangers on tv. You may not see this as a problem but it could make it harder to understand each other’s backgrounds. Try taking an interest in what you both did as children and share humorous anecdotes. This will help bring you closer together.

Secrets of the Celebrities

There are many couples with large age gaps that are enjoying happy and fulfilling relationships. Famous celebrities such as Joan Collins have made success of their relationships with much younger partners. Percy is 32 years younger than Joan yet they are blissfully happy. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

So what is their secret? Joan says that it’s important to become friends first and share similar interests. 40-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas who is 65 also have a happy relationship. So yes, age-difference relationships can work providing you both have similar goals in life and have interests in common. If you really love each other then there is no reason why you shouldn’t make it last.


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