Freelance Writing Websites That Pay

Freelance Writing Websites That Pay

Freelance writing websites that pay everyone who wants to be successful in the freelance writing business and to earn decent money for a living. Many writers struggle to achieve success in this lucrative business. If you don’t put a lot of effort to be successful, you’ll be unknown online. Through a successful writing business, you may live your life in the way you want.

Inspiration from others in any business is a very encouraging pill. We need to get inspiration from successful people in our business. When we struggle to achieve success in business, we have to get inspiration from successful business persons in our niche by following and reading their blogs. By doing this, we feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired to move ahead in our business.

Freelance Writing Websites That Pay

In the freelance business industry, we have many successful people that inspire us. Now, they’re running their business highly successfully and earning thousands of dollars to lead the life they want. Here, I’ve collected five freelance writing business websites to inspire you to achieve success in your business. For more informative blogs visit sort it

If you read them with interest, you’ll get lasting inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to run your business successfully without any doubt.


Bamidele Onibalusi is a successful face behind this site. What is a most interesting fact about him is that English is his second language. After completing high school education, he dives into the freelance writing business at the age of 17.

Even though some clients want to choose writers whose first language is English, he is highly successful in his business. So, he is really a great inspiration, particularly to those whose English is a second language, generally to all, who are planning to start a successful freelance business.

Some people call him the “ king of guest blogging” and “boy or young entrepreneur”.

He always encourages newbie bloggers and writers by his writing to get clients to work. In his blog, he covers:

  • Freelance blogging
  • Freelance writing
  • Freelance industry insights
  • Successful guest blogging
  • Tricks to get high-paying clients
  • Writer’s values and culture

You can read his latest post about how he got his first client.

If you follow his site, you’ll get more than you think.


Freelance writing websites that pay Ewer is the best advocate for quitting a job and building your own business online. He is very successful in his freelance writing business. One thing that inspires other writers is that he had failed in English subject in his education.

He writes:

  • WordPress
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing
  • All blogging stuff

He is a great inspiration for many aspiring writers, and bloggers as he writes in detail about how to become a freelance blogger when to quit your job, how to get clients in your way, and how to start writing a blog.

Earning through his business, he is living a happy life by traveling to other countries. Recently, he visited Sri Lanka, my neighboring country.

If you read his blog regularly, you feel motivated always in your business.

Here is his recent blog post about freelance email pitch success

Kristi Hines

Freelance writing websites that pay kristi Hines is one of the most successful freelance writers online. She has written for Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Social Media Examiner, KISSmetrics, Sprout Social, Unbounce, and many more by writing on business and marketing topics.

Her writing style is unique. She helps newbie bloggers with her long posts on this site. read one of her recent posts about blog post ideas.

She writes about:

  • Blog post ideas
  • Tools and resources for freelance writing
  • Pitching and many more things

Freelance writing websites that pay you follow her through this site, you’ll definitely get experienced in the freelancing world. And also you feel motivated by her success in the freelance writing business.


As a freelance writer and coach, she is very helpful to newbie bloggers. Through her blog, she teaches her audience about:

  • Freelance blogging
  • Writing
  • Getting clients
  • Pitching to popular blogs
  • Relationship with clients
  • And many informative things

Here is one of her best posts about the quickest way to earn money.

She lives her life in the way that she wants by being a freelance writer. If you read her site regularly, you can learn how to start a freelance writing business from scratch.

Make a living writing

Carol Tice is an award-winning excellent freelance writer and blogger. Having 15 years of experience in freelance blogging and writing, she is running many successful courses.

She firmly suggests not taking low-paying gigs. Through her unique style of writing, she has a huge active audience on her blog.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll learn about:

  • Online writing
  • Freelance business
  • Tools and resources for starting and running a successful freelance business
  • Pitching for popular publications
  • Rejecting low-rate gigs
  • Managing a successful freelance business

Here is her latest blog post of her about free tools for getting high-paying gigs.

To get motivated in your business, read her site.


If you’re a newbie freelance writer or want to start soon your freelance business, these five sites are must-reading sources. You can learn all stuff about a lucrative freelance writing business by following these great sites. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

These aren’t only freelance writing and blogging sites. Many sites are out there. In my opinion, these are very informative and helpful to start your own business. Which successful sites about freelance writing do you know for inspiration in your business?


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