How To Introduce Yourself In Writing sample

How To Introduce Yourself In Writing sample

How to introduce yourself in writing sample of a great blog post is an art. While we write we should study readers’ minds that which type of post they like most. writing comes from practicing, playing with words, and a lot of reading. Writing turns us creative.

we don’t have to imitate others in writing, which kills ourselves, our existence as a writer, and our recognition in blogging. Trying our own way is always best and helpful to be get exposed as a writer.

How To Introduce Yourself In Writing Sample

So, How to create a killer blog post? What features should be included in a great blog post? what type of posts do readers read most? We consider all these questions before writing blog posts. For more informative blogs visit sort it

 Let’s discuss some points to create a great blog post.

Create a Compelling Post Title

Although a lot of posts are published daily, many appear unread, not shared, and unrecognizable in order to not create a great title for the post. If we read the blog title, it should convey what the content is. The post title represents the summary of the content below. It should be simple in words and understandable at first glance.

There are many types of blog posts. some types are:

  • List types such as 10 reasons to … , 27 best… , 23 rules for… ,etc
  • How to …
  • What to …
  • Why to …
  • Why not …
  • When to… , etc


How to introduce yourself in writing sample introduction is something that says all meat of the blog post in some paragraphs. This is really the best way to capture readers. If your introduction can’t meet readers’ expectations, they no longer read your blog posts. This is the proven truth.

Writing an interesting introduction is a great skill we have to master. By practicing again and again, we can gain mastery of the introduction.


What is the best way to give information to readers? The answer is infographics. Infographics give readers clear information about what we say. One survey says most readers like and reads blog posts with infographics.

One best example is who uses infographics in his posts. (sorry, I haven’t tried infographics yet. I plan to use them in the future) He is proud of using infographics and has got good results.


How to introduce yourself in writing sample blog post should include a conclusion that says all about the post we have written in a few sentences. In conclusion, the author says all about his written post. Many writers use this section intelligently.

Experienced readers first read the title, introduction, and final conclusion, and then read the remaining stuff. you should tell readers, in conclusion, what you explained above, what steps to take next, etc.


Videos convey clear information than words. It is a great way to include videos in posts. Videos we add in posts should be topic-related. Videos tell information or story in a clear way if the writer fails to explain in text correctly.


Without images, blog posts look like HTML coding. Images tell a thousand ideas while words tell one idea. Images should be relevant to the topic. It will give highly interesting value to the post. High-resolution images should be used. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

Bullet points add extra value to the post you write. They separate information step by step, which is easy and interesting to read. They easily get the reader’s attention. Many writers use bullet points in all sections of the post.


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