How To Write Blog Posts

How To Write Blog Posts

How to write blog posts you want your post to be reached a larger audience, we Bloggers need to write in a conversational style.  You should write like talking with your audience.

The conversational writing style is an art many writers fail to master. There are a lot of rules for writing in print or web. Sometimes we should ignore those rules to reach our target audience.

How To Write Blog Posts

If you want to reach more and more readers, you should shift your writing style into conversation. For more informative blogs visit sort it

If you understand basic things to start, It is not hard to adapt conversational style in your writing. Here are 11 tips I want you to adapt to your writing style. If you learn these tips effectively, you will definitely become a more admired writer.

Avoid Passive Voice Sentences

If you want to be friendly to your readers,  avoid passive-voice sentences in your writing. They may be:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • or eBooks

Passive voice is not effective to deliver your statements, voice, and tone to your audience.

Sometimes passive voice ignores the subject. For instance, “it is rejected”. Incomplete information this sentence has. Here is no answer to:

  • who does reject it?
  • what does it reject?

So, if you want your writing more direct and conversational, avoid passive voice.

Here are more examples:

  • write “  She learned English.” instead of “ She was learned English”
  • write “Tom has beaten him.” instead of “He has been beaten by Tom”
  • write “Her audience will love her”.instead of “She will be loved by her audience”

Pick Shorter Words

If you want to be an expert writer, you don’t have to use long and difficult words. Online media is different from print media. Online media encourages all types of readers:

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advanced

So, you should write to all these folks. In essence, we should use simple, short, and meaningful words in your writing. here are some examples:

  • use-utilise
  • turn off-extinguish

Trim Your Sentences And Structure Minimum Length

Sentences should be clean and precise. They should give readers direct and neat meaning. They should not confuse readers to understand them.

If you write “She screamed loudly”, you will definitely confuse your readers. It is not necessary to use “loudly” with “screamed”. Because screaming itself involves a sense of loudness. And your sentence should be five to six words in length. It helps readers to understand its meaning at once.

And your sentence should be five to six words in length. It helps readers to understand its meaning at once.

Use “You” And “I”

In conversation, which words do we use?

We use “I” and “You”. So, if you want your writing to be conversational, you must use “I” and “You”. These two words give a friendly tone to your writing.  And these words touch your reader’s hearts and minds.

So, you must use” I” and “You” in your writing.

Keep Paragraphs Short

How to write blog posts your paragraph should be short, concise, and succinct. Four to five sentences are enough in your paragraph. Shorter paragraphs are very interesting to online readers.

In my opinion, shorter paragraphs increase the reader’s readability. So use this technic to grab more readers.

Use Words That You Use in Talking

We use friendly, familiar, shorter, and common words in speaking.  So, you should also use this technic in writing in a conversational style.

Utilise, sublime, extinguish, and derogatory are some words we usually don’t use in speaking to others. So, instead of these difficult words, use only common words all readers understand.

Write Like You Are Writing to a Close Friend

When you write a letter to your close friend, how do you write? You use friendly, catchy, and common words to understand more your letter. Adapt this exact method in conversational writing.

On any topic, you should learn to write a letter to a close friend.

Feel Free to Use Contractions

Don’t be formal and informal in conversational writing. use contractions in all your writing. some important contractions are:

  • don’t for do not
  • they’re for they are
  • I’m for I am
  • he’d for he would
  • she’ll for she will

and others

Stop Thinking So Hard About Writing

How to write blog posts thinking so hard about writing. Instead, practice so hard to write in a conversational style. Don’t pretend yourself like an expert writer.

Write daily 1000 words of a rough draft of a blog post in a conversational style.

Keep a Daily Journal

Maintain a daily journal to write something about your activity. In this way, you can learn to write in a conversational style.

In your journal, write your activities, works, and meetings of that day, and keep this habit regularly.

Read It Aloud When You Are Done

When you finished your draft of any writing, read it aloud once or twice carefully. By doing this, you may identify mistakes, difficult words, and long words. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

Correct those mistakes instantly. If you read it aloud, it helps you to adjust words and sentences for conversational style.



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