How To Make Money Writing Online

How To Make Money Writing Online

How to make money writing online every freelance writer’s ultimate dream is to get high-paying freelance writing jobs. You’re no exception to this goal. You can achieve this goal by using your brain in a clever way. Dedication, hard work, consistency, a clear mindset, and a never die spirit could help you dramatically to get which clients you want to work with.

Sometimes, fear is our great enemy. Every freelance writer experiences this in their starting phase. Getting away with this deadly situation is a  real skill every freelance writer has to develop. Fear leads us to procrastinate on everything related to our business — writing, pitching, reading, and maintaining our blog successfully.

How To Make Money Writing Online

How to make money writing online if you want to get high-paying jobs without a lot of struggle, you have to nurture the better business writing skill that you can develop by practice and by reading a lot. So, practice writing daily. You have to embrace the habit of writing daily. This one unusual practice in your life gives you lasting success in your writing business. For more informative blogs visit sort it

From a lot of research and reading, I have found how to hook high-paying clients and earn money with few quality clients. So, let’s dig into the wisdom I have found very helpful, authentic, and trustworthy sources to catch high-paying clients.

Dig Into LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine for freelance writers. This is the great world’s largest professional networking site. According to the latest updates by LinkedIn, It has now 400 million members. If you use it tactfully, you’ll never dry off high-paying clients. All your clients, customers, leads, and prospects have an active presence in this network.

As a freelancer writer, you may use it as the best source for getting high-paying freelance writing jobs. Small, medium, and large business companies, internet marketing companies, influencers, and thought leaders are there to hire you for their writing requirements. To start with this incredible network, you should:

  • Create a compelling profile that attracts clients and prospects. Write an attractive summary. Fill up all fields with accurate information. Add your skills confidently. Attach certification if you have any.
  • Add connections as much as possible (only send connection requests  whom you know for avoiding spam requests)
  • Follow influencers, and thought leaders of your niche. Like, comment, and share their articles when they published a new one. Do these activities regularly, which means you should be active in this network daily.
  • Join groups in your writing niche or industry

These are things to do at first.

And next thing is the most important if you are really serious about your writing business.

LinkedIn has a publishing platform called LinkedIn Pulse or Pulse. This is a fantastic publishing platform to showcase:

  • Your writing expertise
  • Your industry(niche) of writing
  • Your skills in compelling storytelling
  • If you use LinkedIn Pulse more and more efficiently, you don’t have a fear of lacking clients. So, how should you use this platform? More honestly, you need to:
  • Publish a post related to your writing services every week (according to many studies, Thursday is the best day to publish to receive more views, likes, comments, and shares)
  • Create a nice call-to-action at the end of the post. This should include a link to your blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, and Facebook page or profile, so as to get more traffic to the blog, and social media profiles.
  • Reply to comments honestly. Sometimes, you may get negative comments. They are best to learn from your mistakes and correct them immediately. So, reply to negative comments.
  • Share your post with groups you joined
  • Connect deep by sharing your connection’s posts. By doing so, they do the same thing for you.
  • Never pitch for writing work at first. First off, build a reputation and then go fishing.

Professional Networking

How to make money writing online if you do such great work regularly, you’ll become successful in getting high-paying clients with no doubt in your mind. It takes some dedicated time and effort to achieve success in this endeavor. Don’t be discouraged. Everybody starts from somewhere. But, you should be honest and sincere in your effort. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

At first, if you get 2 to 5 regular clients by this process, you’ll become successful in your business and think of doing more adventures in the future.



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