How To Start With Blogging

How To Start With Blogging

How to start with blogging every blogger wants to be successful in blogging life but fails in some way, ignoring the rules of blogging. In the beginning, everybody makes mistakes. To be successful in blogging, knowing your mistakes and correcting them as early as possible is a crucial thing to do.

By learning more and more skills about blogging, you can be the best blogger in the blogosphere. Trying to improve your blogging skills is a priority you should not ignore. Practicing excellence in blogging is a way of doing the first thing on a daily basis. Practice makes you perfect for anything. So, hone your skills to do excellent blogging.

How To Start With Blogging

Many newbies and experienced bloggers make mistakes in their blogging business. If you want to be successful in your blogging business, know your mistakes, learn from them, and correct them instantly. For more informative blogs visit sort it

Here, I have identified 11 well-known mistakes that some bloggers do in every step of their blogging effort. So, let’s start to learn how to avoid those errors which are huge drawbacks to your personal image as a blogger.

Ignoring Rules for Web Writing

Digital media is different from print media. First, you should understand this simple difference. In print media, you can write:

  • Long sentences
  • Large paragraphs
  • Without bullet points
  • With highly formal grammatical rules
  • Without images
  • Without a pervasive, conversational style

But you oughtn’t to write in this style on the web. If you write your blog posts as you write on print media, definitely, you’ll fail in your desire to get incredible success in the blogging business. So, in digital media, you should write:

  • In short sentences, paragraphs
  • Using bullet points, number lists
  • Using a lot of unusual, interesting, and related images, screenshots
  • Using targeted keywords to get traffic
  • Using easy, actionable words
  • Using sub-verb-object format
  • Using copywriting skills in writing as persuasive, and conversational skills
  • In direct to the point

Not Providing Solutions to Reader’s Problems

How to start with blogging do you do blogging? What is your main aim of blogging? Yes, You run the blog because of getting a lot of readers, clients, prospects, leads, and a reputation as an excellent blogger.

To do your business online, you need to attract readers by writing compelling articles, posts, and landing pages. Readers want to solve their problems by reading your blog posts. So, solve their problems, fears, droughts, and misbeliefs. If you solve their problems through your writing, they’ll always stick with your blog. So, ask about their problems and solve them.

Not Producing and Publishing Content On a Regular Basis

Once you start your business online through blogging, you should write and regularly publish without missing any schedule. If you miss your posting schedule often, you’ll kill your business in your hands. I have learned a lot by making this particular mistake.

Consistency is critical in blogging. You may publish weekly once, weekly twice, or monthly twice. Make it a continuous process and stick to it.

In my opinion, publishing twice per week is the best way to grow your business, and engage with your readers.

Not Replying to Comments

If you want to grow your blogging business, you need to have real engagement and relationship with your valuable asset — Readers.

So, building a good relationship with your readers is crucial. For this, you should reply to every comment your blog will get and solve their problems if any.

is the best example of building robust engagement and relationships with his readers. How to start with blogging receives a lot of comments and responds to every comment with a human touch.

Not Doing Guest Blogging

Guest posting helps you to expose yourself and your business to the online world. Writing to other blogs in your niche helps you in many ways. You’ll put yourself in a circle of successful bloggers. From guest blogging, you’ll:

  • Get clients, prospects, and leads
  • Increase your reputation as an excellent writer
  • Get your brand’s exposer
  • Become a thought leader in your niche

Ignoring Images, Screenshots, and Infographics

How to start with blogging without images, screenshots, and infographics,  your blog posts suffer from considerable damage. Understanding content through visuals is easy and quick than only text. Visual learning is faster than text. So, add at least one image to your posts.

Increase using images, screenshots, and infographics in your posts. If you don’t have any source to use a lot of images,

Writing Shorter Posts

What is your blog post’s length? If you want to stick to short posts like 500 words, or 800 words, you’re going in against direction to get traffic for your blog. Shorter post days have gone.

In essence, you should publish your posts as long as possible. At least, your post should be 1,200 words. 2,000 to 3000-word posts get you high engagement and traffic.

So stick to trending post length to get more traffic to your blog.

Moving Out of Topic

Your blog post should not be crap. It should promise a solution to your reader’s problems. While writing a blog post on a particular subject, you shouldn’t divert your topic. For example, if your writing topic is WordPress in a particular post, you shouldn’t write about exercise, or gardening things in your post.

Take great care not to mention crappy things in your posts. Be clear in your thoughts and expressions.

Not Writing Interactive, Persuasive content

Writing like a research paper is not useful for the web. If you want to get a lot of traffic, you should use an interactive and persuasive writing style in your writing.

From interactive and persuasive writing style, you get a lot of benefits — traffic, friendly relationships with readers and clients, reputation, and thought leadership.

Not Making Healthy Relationships with Blogging Influencers

How to start with blogging if you want to be successful in your blogging business, you need to build the relationship with influencers in your industry. For example, if you are blogging about marketing, you need to have a good and healthy relationship with them.

To have a healthy relationship, you should follow them on social media channels, comment on their posts regularly, and reply to their tweets.

Once your influencers identify you, they help you in many ways.

Not Thinking Monetizing Your Blog

How to start with blogging just do not write something stupid without thinking about how to earn money from your blog. You’re blogging for money. You’re not blogging for a hobby. So think about monetizing your blog.

You may earn money through eBooks, affiliate marketing, ads, services, and coaching. So, leverage these earning opportunities.


You aren’t the only one struggling with blogging. Many bloggers face such deadly situations at some time in their blogging life. So, don’t be discouraged from failing. Try again and again till you succeed in your desired online business. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

Learn from mistakes and move ahead on effective blogging. Get rid of the fear of failure and self-doubt. Be confident in what you do in your business. Putting hard work into your business pays you high dividends later.





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