How To Make Money In Blogging Beginner

How To Make Money In Blogging Beginner

How to make money blogging beginners are different ways of earning money on the web. Freelance blogging is one of them. Many writers I know are living by blogging (writing). Blogging made their life prosperous.

I am also living writing-writing on WordPress. A few questions to be addressed here are:

  • So, how to make money as a new freelance blogger?
  • What to write to make money?
  • How to write online?
  • Which topics are good to write?

These are questions every new freelance blogger face when starting.

How To Make Money In Blogging Beginner

You should become an expert in one or many topics. without an expert on any topic, you can’t write anything worth it. Becoming a topic expert is a bit hard. Reading and studying a topic on a regular basis is necessary for would-be freelance bloggers. For more informative blogs visit sort it

For Example

How to make money in blogging beginner you want to be an expert in WordPress, you should read as many as possible WordPress blogs and take WordPress courses online. As WordPress, you may become an expert in many other topics such as business, marketing, health and wellness, personal development, SEO, nutrition, etc.

Understanding and gaining in-depth knowledge of a particular topic takes some time. You should become a hard worker in that direction. If you are an expert in WordPress, you can write the best posts on that topic. and you can give WordPress service to clients.

Learn Perfectly How to Write Online

Writing is a good gift for some writers. They get it naturally. Some writers start their writing careers by practicing regularly. You can learn how to write online by practicing daily. At first, you may face difficulty, then you will get control over writing.

Using correct spelling, sentence structure (sub-verb-obj), punctuation, and prepositions is very important. You can handle this by using a good grammar book.

Writing online is different from offline. You should understand this difference. You should use easy-to-understand words. Readers search for quick information. If you use difficult words, many readers can’t understand what you are saying. So use words that are easy to understand.

The one book I recommend you strongly for blogging, and online writing is “THE YAHOO! Style Guide by YAHOO!”. This book answers all questions regarding blogging, writing, SEO, etc. This is my Holly book. You can see here for more information about this book.

“The Elements Of Style” is another book every blogger should read. It teaches everything about writing. It is really the writer’s Bible. You can go here for more information.

Start Your Own Blog

Once you are able to write on one or many topics, you should start your own blog. Starting your own blog is dead easy.

Go to the best hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, etc to get hosting for your website. (This website is running on Bluehost hosting.) You should:

  • Create an account
  • Choose a domain name that appeals to readers and clients.
  • Install WordPress.

now your website is ready. first off, make sure to use the best theme like twenty-twelve. after earning money, you may go for a paid option.

Publish Compelling Blog Posts

How to make money in blogging beginner blog posts on your topic is very easy, once you are an expert. Make sure you use bullet points and short paragraphs that are reader-friendly. Videos, images, and infographics add extra meat to your post. How to make money in blogging beginner, once again I remember you that you should pay great attention to the title, sub-title, and simple grammar mistakes like punctuation, preposition, syntax, etc.

Every blogger writes blog posts at their own length. Some bloggers write 300-500 words post, some bloggers write 500-1000 words post, and some bloggers write 1000-2000 words post. That is up to you how many words your blog post has. Ideally, a 500-1000 pattern is best for beginners.

Write two Posts Per Week

How to make money in blogging beginner blog posts daily is best. As a beginner, you have no readers, and publishing weekly two posts is sufficient. Later, you may publish on a daily basis. First, write. Then, edit and hit publish button. Be sure your post is included with images, screenshots, infographics, etc.

Do Guest Blogging For Getting Readers For Your Blog

Guest blogging is a great way to turn readers to your blog. First off, subscribe to more and more blogs on your niche. then, read and comment on their posts. After some days, you can write for their blog. Guest blogging needs solid, informative, and attractive posts. As you are a beginner, you may be rejected at first. Try again and again until you succeed.

You will get readers slowly. If your content is really helpful, they subscribe to your blog.

Create “About me” ,” Contact me ” And “Hire me” Pages

How to make money in blogging beginner these three pages is very important to all bloggers. clients hire you based on these pages. How to make money in blogging beginner your appealing image and your skills to the “About me” and “Hire me” pages and correct contact information to the “Contact me” page. After you have new skills, add them to relevant pages.

Add Great Profile to “Linkedin” Social Site

Linkedin is the best site to attract clients. You may be hired for their blogging services. You can get your niche-based clients there. For more informative blogs visit wikipedia

If they are satisfied with your service, they may refer others to you. So, here, a good relationship with clients is very important. If satisfied with your client, you will get more work. that’s up to you.



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